As a loyal Twood-ist I wanted to let you know that I am putting the final touches on the latest additions to Twood family, Twood: High-wire and Twood: Vacillation.

My goal is to have these new pieces cast before the opening of my solo show at Dick Waller’s Art Space here in Cincinnati opening on Thursday 02.20.20. I am tentatively calling this show “Twood World” as it will feature all 12 Twoods sculptures-to-date (including these new ones), a series of 4-6 Twood paintings (in the works), and 2-3 Twood animations (in the works). I’m thrilled to have this opportunity and hope that you can make the opening!

As with prior casts—and as a prior Twood owner—I am making these pieces available at a deeply discounted pre-mold/pre-cast/pre-gallery rate.

Twood: High-wire

Hire-wire is my most ambitious sculpture to date, and requires three different molds, wax patterns, and metal casts—and a lot of skill and expertise from my foundry—to bring it to life.

High-wire examines the precarious place between stability and instability, security and insecurity, that resides in each of us. All of us must traverse our inner and outer worlds on our own, and as frightening as that may be at times, we are in control the journey we take.

This dichotomy also exists in the use of a permanent, indestructible, and weighty metal to express this delicate balance. As an artist and designer, this kind of visual and structural challenge is terribly exciting.

High-wire would look great in an outdoor space, as well as indoors.

Size: 42” tall x 25” wide x 11” deep

Twood: Vacillation

I wanted this piece to feel monumental, like Rodin’s “Thinker” or the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. But unlike those two pieces, Vacillation is suspended in space, cantilevered with nothing to support its weight—precarious in spite of its gravitas.

With a pensive downward gaze and clenched hands, Vacillation reflects our current political climate, where our elected officials sit by while our democracy, our personal safety, and our environment are deeply threatened by lack of action through selective and willful ignorance.

The heft and weight of the bronze juxtaposed against the negative space where there should be a chair accentuates the perilous balance of our times.

Size: 27” tall x 12” wide x 12” deep (including base)

Vacillation could be mounted on any number of materials, including granite, marble, wood, or concrete, and would also be suitable for an outdoor space.


I am making these pieces available at a pre-mold/pre-cast/pre-gallery rate, which is just above my actual costs, exclusively to prior Twood owners.

They would also be personally signed and numbered, and you would have your choice between three patinas (see below).


  • Pre-cast: $7,200 (for the first 5 casts)
  • Gallery Cost: $16,800


  • Pre-cast: $5,200 (for the first 5 casts)
  • Gallery Cost: $11,500

Costs include casting of the finished piece, your choice of patina (3 options) and in the case of Vacillation, the base. But It doesn’t include OH state taxes or shipping.

If you are interested please call me at 617.688.0139 0r email me by September 14th if you are interested.

And thanks for previous Twood investments, and for all your encouragement!  

– Paul