As a proud owner of a Twood, thank you for your support of my artistic endeavors, and congratulations on a making a savvy investment in art.

As I prepare to release Twood #3 to the foundry later this month, I’d like to extend an exclusive offer available only to current Twood patrons. I’m offering  Twood #3 at a “pre-mold” price of 50% off the normal non-gallery price.

As a “pre-mold investor,” you will also get a personalized piece with an inscription in the base of the sculpture, and you will be able to select your choice of patina. Each of these will be numbered as an artist proof (A/P #1, #2, etc.) which in the art collectors world is viewed as being 10-30% more valuable than a regular numbered edition.

This “pre-mold” offer is 17% less than the “pre-casting” price I’ll make available to a larger audience once the mold has been created but before casting begins. After casting begins, Twood #3 will be regularly priced.

Pricing* for Twood #3:

Pre-mold: $1,650 (for previous owners only)  |   Pre-casting: $1,980 (for first 5 casts)  |   Regular: $3,300  |   Gallery: $5,000-6,500

If you are interested, please let me know by February 14th. If not but think you might know someone who is, please feel free to pass this along to them so they can take advantage of the pre-casting price.

Thanks again for your previous support and for all your encouragement of my Twoods!

– Paul

Twood #3

PS: If you’re not interested but know someone who might be, please feel free to pass this along to them so they can take advantage of the pre-casting price.

* Prices do not include shipping or Massachusetts sales tax.


Twoods are timeless allegorical figures, symbolic representations of humankind. They are expressions of innocence, curiosity, and quiet intensity, simultaneously observing and engaging their environment.

Twoods evoke strong emotional responses, inviting the viewer to pause, consider, and reflect. Their ambiguity engages and inspires viewers to create deeply intuitive, personal narratives of the figures’ emotional intent, gender, and even their humanity.