At the heart of my work is a desire to find the intersection of art and design, where the relationship of shape, color, line and mark-making work in harmony to communicate, guide, and engage the viewer in a unique experience.

Creative curiosity leads me to many different modes of expression which is why I easily move between a variety of mediums. My current body of work is focused on a series figurative bronze sculptures called Twoods.

Cloaked in a monk-like robe, Twoods (rhymes with “moods”) are designed to be genderless and emotionally ambiguous. Void of expression, their exposed extremities reveal their inner humanity while their individual gestures and interactions with one another are open to interpretation. Are they affectionate or combative, happy or sad, resigned or resilient? It is up to the viewer to decide.

For me the process of creation is as important as the final outcome. How an armature is built, what the initial drawings reveal, how the underlying structure of a painting guides you through the work, are all glimpses into the thinking of the artist. This is where the magic exists and where, as a viewer, you can connect with the humanity of the artist which makes a piece of work come to life.

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